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    The Palm Reading Chart – The Predictive Art

    Like astrology that predicts an individual’s personality trait based on the position of the stars and the movement of the planets, palmistry takes a detailed look at some lines, curves and creases on his palm to disclose some events that can be possible to happen in his future and give him a glimpse at his characteristics. It is believed that each person’s destiny has been somewhat written by the holy world at the time he was born. In some specific cases, some so-called Psychics will carry out different ways to interpret his destiny. Some of them will use Tarot cards to predict how his future is while others can reveal what will take place in his whole life through gazing at a crystal ball. Among these miraculous predictive methods, palm reading chart has been considered as one of the useful and efficient ones for some Psychics to prophesy everyone’s futures.

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    Which hand should be used?

    Before we perform interpreting some lines on our palm, it is sure that most of us will wonder which hand we should use for palmistry. We will also notice that our opposing palms are not identical that can lead to varied interpretations. Of course, this case is totally normal for most individuals. This controversy about which hand should be read will depend on each reader. Some so-called Psychic have believed that we should read a left hand if we are handling a woman and read a right hand if this person is a man. However, others have supposed that our active hand will be more accurate, so it is better for us to utilize our right hand to interpret if this right hand is active. Still others have claimed that our left hand indicates our inheritable or genetic traits while our right hand reveals how our gifts and talents will be applied; thus, both of these hands are of equal importance.

    Lines on the palm

    In general, a person will own 4 major lines on his palm including the Head line, the Heart line, the Life line and the Destiny (Fate) line. Along with these main lines, there are a couple of minor lines such as the Travel line, the Children line, the Marriage line and so on. Here are some general interpretations of all 4 major lines:

    • The Head line: The Head line divulges our intelligence. Besides, this line also reveals some information about our belief, attitude, philosophy and lifestyle.
    • The Heart line: Normally, our love path and stable emotional affairs will be reflected by this Heart line. A long and deep line indicates that this person is very romantic, warm and loyal.
    • The Life line: This Life line depicts how our life will be in the future and how long we are going to live. In addition, it also discloses our vitality.
    • The Fate line: the Fate line has been also called a destiny or fortune line. This line often uncovers the impact of some external elements such as the society and events taking place around us in our life. The number of breaks on the Fate line indicates that there will be many changes in our life as a result of uncontrollable situations.

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