Palm Reading Guide Chart

According to palm reading guide chart, the hand we use a lot (the dominant hand) should be read first, and then continue reading the other hand (the non-dominant hand). The dominant hand will be the one, deciding our future while the non-dominant one is often used to identify the past or even the hidden qualities.

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Before consulting the palm reading diagram, palmists will normally check these characteristics of the palm below for their session first!

How To Read Palm Lines?

Palm Reading Guide Chart

As we know, the lines on the palm are applied to determine our future prospect or personality traits. There are 4 major lines, including the Head line, the Life line, the Fate line and the Heart line. Don’t worry! The following table will give us a brief overview on these primary lines as well as how they may be explained on the palm reading chart. Apart from these lines, a couple of minor lines are also interpreted, like the marriage line, the girdle of Venus, and travel lines.

Lines On The Palm



The Heart Line

Curves upwards the end between the middle finger and the index finger

An understanding and caring personality

Curves to the end below the index finger

An artistic and adventurous personality


A very selfish personality

The Life Line

Curves totally around the thumb

Good mental and physical health

Be forked upwards

A positive standpoint and lifestyle towards life

Be forked downwards

An introvert and a pessimist

The Head Line

Curves downwards

A sensitive personality, along with a strong inclination towards fantasy and literature

Curves upwards to the pinkie finger

An aptitude for Business Studies, Math, and Logic

No head line or broken head line

Owns different interests or even specializes in certain fields respectively

The Fate Line or The Destiny Line

Absent Fate line

A cozy , yet uneventful life ahead

A fork in the Fate line

Implies a great amount of wealth in store

A unbroken Destiny line and runs straight across

A successful life ahead

Of course, it is always better to make use of the information to refer to or discover what field we are good at most. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Life line is not relating to the length of our life. As a result, the short Life line does not necessarily mean that we will die soon! If possible, don’t mind paying a visit to a real hand analyst for a more accurate and valuable result!

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