Free Palm Reading Marriage Line

Aristotle – a Greek philosopher and student of Plato – is said to have asked Alexander the Great to embark upon the journey to India in order to study palm reading. In fact, Palmistry or Chiromancy dates back hundreds of years, but India is truly credited for the modern techniques these days. Throughout different countries around the world, there are lots of Palmists who offer palm readings for customers.

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Interpret Marriage Line – Free Palm Reading

Locate the 3 major lines on our palm by making use of a flashlight. The top line, close to the base of our finger, is the “Heart Line”. At that time, our marriage lines are the tiny ones, underneath the pinky and close to the Heart line.

Free Palm Reading Marriage Line

It is time to notice if our marriage lines are shallow, deep, short, or long. According to Palmistry’s theory, a deep and long line will be symbolic of a long-term partnership or marriage. If we have more than 1 deep line, it implies that we will have multiple long-term commitments or marriages.

On the other hand, barely noticeable shallow lines often symbolize the relationships which could be insignificant, short-lived, or even didn’t work. Please keep in mind that the closer our marriage line to the base of our pinky is, the later the relationship or marriage will occur.

Seek for variations in our marriage lines now! The children lines are the ones that touch these marriage lines, but don’t intersect them. In case there are lots of the children lines on our hand, this is indicative of multiple kids.

Plus, the forked lines towards the back of hand indicate a long engagement while the forked lines towards the center of palm will denote that the marriage can end any time (i.e., divorce, death, etc.) The horizontal lines which overlap the marriage line will represent infidelity in the marital life. If our line ends, and then starts again, it is a sign of a separation, and then a reunion.

After that, we should spend time in examining the area on our palm, beside our thumb and below the 3rd curved line. Try to look for the mound, or even the raised area of the hand. Yes, this is considered as the “Mound of Venus“. It is time to press on the mound with our non-dominant hand. Is it firm? Then, this is indicative of the strong sexual vitality whereas the flabby mounds symbolize the low sexual vitality.

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