How Does Palm Reading Work?

Relying upon how far back in history we wish to search, interpreting palms might be as old as 3,000 years or 5,000 years. Ancient India initially practiced this special art. Maybe the most renowned palmist was known as a guy Cheiro. This man read the hands of several reputable people, such as actress Sarah Bernhardt and author Mark Twain, and he was also considered the father of the modern Palmistry.

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Chiromancy -Read Between the Lines

If we have a strong desire to analyze palms, then it may be an exciting study of people as well as their inner traits. In general, individuals who often refuse to let us take a look at their hands can be the ones whose palms express the secretive nature. The genuine correlation for anyone between their palms, hand shapes, and lines to their characteristics has never been conclusively proven. Nevertheless, one thing arguing against some validity of the study is that some nurses can look at the hands the newborn kid for the head line (the middle line across the palm). A significant proportion of children born without the head line is found to have Down syndrome.

How Does Palm Reading Work?

Now, it is time to begin our study of the subject by making use of our own hands for comparison. At that time, the hand used to write is referred as the dominant hand, and it is supposed to reflect our life at the present time. Another hand is often applied to indicate our past.

Palm lines can be shallow or deeply carved into the palm, broken-looking and chained, or even one thick mark. According to Palmistry’s theory, the heart line is often closest to the base of our fingers. Supposedly, any short line below the base of our little finger will denote how many important love affairs or marriages will occur in our lifetime. In case our heart line tends to be broad and clear, then we can possess a firm grip on our emotions and find ways to pursue the one we fall in love with. If it is made of several tiny lines or wavering, our heart could be easily crushed, and we can be astray led by someone we love.

Long to know more? We are allowed to delve into this subject as deeply as we wish since there are lots of books and online sites available. Of course, people are almost always willing to let us interpret their palms.

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